Mentoring Groups/Inside BWNYR


What will you find inside the BWNYR…


At the Monthly Main Public Events you will networking for the first half hour, we bring in a Guest Speaker to talk for 20 minutes, then we break out into an Interactive Activity to mix the ladies into new groups and discuss the topic (which has to address part of the Business Plan)… this is an opportunity to mentor or be mentored, then time for networking again, these events are between 90 minutes and two hours in length.

At the Monthly Members-Only Events you will have networking time at the beginning, get to know others in the core group, then we have the opportunity to stand and do our infomercials in front of all other Members, with more networking time at the end, no Guest Speaker.

Both events have had attendance from 35 to 70 women giving you the opportunity to meet approximately 100 women per month… let them know what you do so that they will become word-of-mouth referrals for you!

We do not have Vendor opportunities at any of our events.

Annually, we hold an Awards Gala each April where we present twelve Members with awards for the great work they are doing.

Our goal is to stay away from constantly looking for donations, so other than your annual fee and Main Public Event costs, we only look for your support to fundraise (to help cover costs), at our annual Awards Gala. The funds are put towards scholarships to help young women enrolled in a Business Degree.

We invite all MP/MPP officials in York Region to our Awards Gala, as well as any female Mayor’s, Councillors, Economic Development Departments to our monthly meetings where we can learn how they can help women in business.

Our Directory is produced twice a year where there is opportunity for you to advertise your business, this is not limited to Members. 400 copies are printed each time. We also produce an Awards Gala Program where there is advertising opportunities as well.